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About ScottyRock Music

ScottyRock Music is the creation and passion of Scotty Charles who is a songwriter, producer, and music artist from southern new jersey. As with most independent artists in the modern era, Scott composes, records and publishes all his own music in a variety of styles under the ScottyRock Music banner. Scotty says, ” I have always struggled to be categorized as one type of artist because I love to write and perform so many different genres of music. Vocally I guess I sound like a mix of Joe Cocker and Michael McDonald with some of the classic soul and rock singers thrown in. Otis, Marvin, Paul Rogers and Gregg Allman come to mind”.

Scotty’s main passion as an artist has always been the blues, and all the styles of music that have come from the blues: soul/funk/gospel/blues rock and more. His latest release “Rockin’ the Blues” is just that. A collection of bluesy rock, bluesy funk and soul, and just good old blues reminiscent of classic styles from the 60s and 70s. Listen to the music and let it take you back.

Since 2004 Scotty has released six CDs of original music on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and all the major digital release platforms. For the past year Scotty has been busy producing different styles of music for sync licensing opportunities in the tv/film industry and has had his songs appear on network television shows.

Scotty is happy to be a part of the Innakore family and is looking forward to collaborating with other like minded musicians who are passionate about getting themselves heard all over the world. He has many songs written with other artists in mind to sing and perform ,both male and female and is always looking for artists who may be searching for a song to release themselves. Scotty says ” let’s do something great together”. Thanks for listening to the music.

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